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Dr David Crossley

David Crossley

David Crossley has 41 years international experience in the energy sector, providing advice on sustainable energy policy and programs to governments, regulators, energy companies, industry associations and NGOs.

In mid-1996, David established his consultancy company Energy Futures Australia to provide consultancy services on sustainable energy policy and programs.  Since then he has completed more than 70 projects and over 140 publications for a broad range of clients across five continents.

From 2009 to 2015, while still continuing his consultancy work, David was a Senior Advisor with The Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP).  RAP is a global, non-profit team of experts that focuses on the long-term economic and environmental sustainability of the electricity and natural gas sectors, providing technical and policy assistance to government officials on a broad range of energy and environmental issues. David worked mainly in China for RAP, managing the provision of technical assistance on demand side management and energy efficiency to governments, regulators and the electricity industry.  When required, David still contributes to RAP's global projects on policies and regulation to increase the sustainability of energy use and supply.

In March 2012, David received an Energy All-Star Award from the Australian Alliance to Save Energy for outstanding achievements in moving Australia towards a smarter, cleaner energy sector.

In June 2013, David was appointed to the honorary position of Associate of the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney in Australia.

David’s extensive experience includes periods as:

  • a researcher at Griffith and Monash Universities in Australia pioneering social science research on energy policy and consumer energy conservation behaviour;
  • the inaugural director of energy planning for the State Government of Victoria, Australia;
  • the senior executive responsible for demand management and energy efficiency in the former Australian electricity utility Pacific Power;
  • an advisor to the State Government of New South Wales, Australia, responsible for planning and establishing the Sustainable Energy Development Authority with a mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • the project director for three multinational research projects for the International Energy Agency Demand Side Management Programme;
  • the team leader for peer reviews of energy efficiency policies in Chile and in New Zealand for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC);
  • an advisor on energy efficiency to the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), a non-profit international organisation that catalyses the market for renewable energy and energy efficiency, focussing on emerging markets and developing countries;
  • an advisor to the Board of the Australian company Wattwatchers Pty Ltd which designs and manufactures leading edge technology to facilitate energy efficient behaviours.
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